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“Relief Pain at Your Fingertips”
Quickly soothes all types of pain and sore, whilst helping with your immune system. The Green Tech Portable Pain Relief does not rely on any drugs, and is manufactured with proprietary technology.

Suitable for all kinds of discomfort and symptoms:

• Head, neck, back, joints, muscle aches, muscle overwork
• Stomach ache, bloating, heartburn, intestinal discomfort
• Tired eyes, lack of concentration, carsick and seasick, hangover
• Sore throat, female menstrual pain, and more

Patented Energy Technology ,quickly soothes and reliefs pain and aches,not rely on medications, helps with your immune system

GTQ Energy waves soothe and relief pain quickly

Three pulsating modes,suitable foe different kind of pains and aches

Medical grade silicon cover for added safety

6x Individual motors,90 generating vibrationy per second

High capacity internal lithium battery for portable and wireless operations

Magnetic charging without the need of wire socket for added ease of use

Equipped with automatic timed power off leature

be benefit for :
improvement blood circulation

Recovery meridians' functions
Pain relief

Only for external use,non medical products,not for treatment