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“Drink Wellness Anywhere, Anytime”
1. Induce the water into micro cluster water to promote better metabolism, as smaller water clusters are more likely to penetrate into the cell membrane of the human body. It not only makes the nutrients carried by the cells more easily absorbed by the human body, but also removes the waste generated by the cells in the human body more easily, and indirectly enhances the immunity of the human body.
2. As the water can quickly penetrate the cell membrane, which also significantly reduces the blood’s thickness and the content of total cholesterol and triglyceride in the plasma, improves the effect of lowering blood pressure and the chance tachycardia, and have a significant inhibitory effect on atherosclerosis. It can effectively prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular disease and reduce the incidence of cerebral thrombosis and coronary arteriosclerosis.
3. Awaken the body's self-immune function, small molecule water has anti-inflammatory and anti-bactericidal effect, whilst increasing cell and biological vitality.
4. It can decompose most of the non-natural compounds and harmful substances, and also improves the natural taste of drinks such as juice, tea, herbal tea and more.
5. Long-term usage can improve symptoms such as high blood pressure, gastritis and constipation, and skin-whitening and anit-aging effects.
GTQ Energy embedded vitalises water
Bring your small cluster water for wellness everywhere
strengthen your immune system
Break down hamful substances

fashion design
foam sleeves for anti - slip handling
Natural energy waves without the need of electrical power
no electronics easy to clean