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Green Tech Agarwood Tea


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Green Tech Agarwood Tea

Drink, Cook, Infuse

A successful produce cultivated from the Green Tech Research Base with its proprietary technology. Agarwood tea (or leaves) are proven to have significant effects on the body:

1. Nutritional Supplements - Agarwood leaves contain a lot of essential elements, such as calcium, zinc, iron, manganese and other vitamins. It is a great supplement to the body and eliminates many unwanted factors.

2. Anti-flatulence, anti-bloating - Agarwood leaves help wakening the mind, and are also nourishing and reducing flatulence and stagnation.

3. Help sleep – Agarwood leaves have health care function, enhance the Qi, regulate blood lipids, improve visceral function, soothe the nerves, help reduce blood fat and nourish the skin.

4. According to modern scientific research, agarwood leaves contain a large number of anti-aging, anti-tumor ingredients. According to the test report of Taiwan Taimei Testing Technology Co., Ltd., agarwood leaves contain the following effective anti-disease ingredients: Androsteron, maleic acid, vitamin E, Demecolcine (anti-tumoric) and Tranylcypromine (antidepressant).

Helps to delay ageing,prevent cancer cells from growing,improve the body's immunity,and resist the invasion of external diseases.

It is cultivated and irrigated with the patented "active small molecules water" .

Modern scientific research has found that Agarwood leaves contain extremely rich vitamins and minerals and other trace elements needed by the body