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Anion Face Mask


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Qlin Anion Mask Introduction

Anion Face Mask

Good Sterilization Function
With strong sterilization mode
Able to kill the bacteria on the inner wall
Release 2 million Anion with 99.9% Bacteria Remove

High Efficiency on removing PM2.5
It also can relieve the poor breathing caused
It will release small negative ion, which can create the negative oxygen ion state
It can be used for respiratory protection of some non-oily particulates, eg: dust, pollen, all kinds of productive dust and no volatile haze air pollutants.

How to Use
First time to Use
Take out & remove the filter packaging.
Smart Mode
When you switch on the face mask, you are automatically in smart mode, and it will adjust the amount of air volume according to your speed. The modes are divided into (comfort, walking, sports)
Mechanical Mode
Adjust the air volume according to your needs and design the third gear wind speed.
Cleaning and Maintenance
-Remove the mouth silica gel along the edge of the back of the host part, scrub it with water or alcohol, and put it into boiling water for sterilization after long-term used.
-The valve is installed in the lower part of the back shell of the host part. Pull down the valve holder along the fingers to take out the valve. After removing the valve, clean it with water or alcohol. and put it into boiling water for sterilization after long-term used.
* The valve is a device that discharges the exhaust gas in one direction from the intake air. The long-term use requires to clean and take care all the time.
-The product's normal operating temperature is 10 to 60 degrees.
-This product cannot be used in an anoxic environment.
-Pay attention to the safety of use. When the product is not used for a long time, the power should be turned off, and it is recommended to charge it once every three months.
-Please clean and maintain the protective mask in time, clean it regularly, and replace the filter element.
-This product is not recommended for sharing with others.
-When charging this product, charge it at normal temperature environment.
-Store this product in a dry, cool place as far as possible, avoiding sunlight.
-This product cannot be used into the water and high temperature environments, and the filter element that is wet should be replaced immediately.
Filter replacement time
The used time of the filter element is determined according to the frequency.
The haze value is as follows, the service life of the filter:
Haze Index: 200-300PM for - 7 days
Haze Index: 300-400PM for - 3 days
Haze index: 400 or more than - 2 days