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Anion Therapy Comb


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Product Features

1. This anion therapy comb is a hair comb purely derived by the principles of physics, resulting in a negative ion generator which boasts of the latest technology. It is completely free of any chemicals while it treats your hair, allowing you peace of mind while promising a 100% in perfect health care.

2. Subsequently, this anion therapy comb is suitable for both men and women of all ages, with its stylish appearance exclusively designed by American designers to add flair to a luxurious lifestyle. It has a built-in super ion emitter which has a life span of over 30,000 hours. The innovative negative ion technology allows this product to release a continuous flow of negative ions on its dual sides, granting full coverage of every inch of hair and scalp it combs through. It takes only one second to eliminate hair static, and another to smooth your dry hair, lock in moisture to repair damaged cuticles, so that your hair appears instantly silky smooth as you restore its lustre.

3. Negative ions are particles of negatively charged oxygen ions and water molecules in the air. They can penetrate into the hair core to suppress static electricity effectively while moisturizing hair, making hair easy to comb through as the negative ions penetrate into the hair layer. Every strand will turn supple as negative ions also work to combat germs, remove odour, relieve itch, lock in moisture, promote blood circulation, and etc. Eventually, after using the anion therapy comb for anextended period of time, your hair will become
healthier naturally.

4. Simultaneously, negative ions can be helpful to our cerebral cortex. It can potentially assist the motor centre’s function to regulate the subcortical sympathetic and parasympathetic balance of circulatory control.

5. In addition, negative ions can improve the ion transport mechanism of our vascular endothelial cells and restore the internal ion count within our cells. This is particularly important as based on research done by the Shanghai Institute of Blood Pressure, intracellular sodium increase is one of the important causes of hypertension and also a genetic trait of hypertension.

6. Furthermore, negative ions can unblock blood vessels by accelerating the "thrombosis recanalization". It can improve the condition of deformed red blood cells and prevent thrombosiswithin microcirculation. Moreover, it can help to prevent vasospasm and the detachment of hardened plaque fragments from the blood vessel walls.

Product Benefits
1. It is easy to carry, and it has a significant effect on easing toothache, migraine and otitis media.
2. The golden plated teeth will produce a high concentration of negative ions that can effectively remove aphids, activate facial cells, and produce beautifying and whitening results.
3. Negative ions of a small-diameter will be emitted in highly concentrated shots via this device. They will then penetrate through the blood-brain barrier to promote blood supply to the brain, strengthen the brain and calm nerves, aside from improving eye sight and providing quick relief to fatigue.
4. Neutralizes hair static, repairs scaly cells and damage to hair scales, making hair more supple, smooth and shiny.
5. Long-term use of this product can stimulate the acupuncture points of the head and enhance the regulating function of the cerebral cortex. It can also prevent hair loss effectively while promoting hair regeneration.
6. The negative ion emission outlet is close to the user’s eyes. It can improve visual impairment such as myopia, glaucoma, and presbyopia, apart from combatting the viruses that cause refractory and trachoma.
7. The 24K gold-plated teeth of this comb stimulates body acupuncture points, effectively promoting blood circulation, improving health and the immune system. It is an essential tool for beauty, slimming and health therapy as it dredges the main and collateral channels of the body.